September 2017 Update

As we wind down the FY, here is an update on a number of matters. Federal Legislative Update  —FY 2018 Federal Budget and USPTO Operations Earlier this month a bill was signed to fund the federal government through Dec. 8, 2017. Additional legislation is required to fund the government for the remainder of fiscal year… Continue reading September 2017 Update

June 2016 Update

June 2016 update on various matters. A.      TMNG NTEU 245 has several members currently Beta Testing TMNG and working with the Office to address defects and to improve the user interface and functions.  We anticipate that this will continue for some time.  NTEU 245 is committed to making sure that the TMNG is not deployed… Continue reading June 2016 Update

A Few Matters

Possible Shutdown The attachments from NTEU National provide an update on agency preparations for a possible government shutdown. NTEU 245 raised this issue at the PTO labor management forum last Wednesday and I also met with PTO Congressional Affairs. While anything can happen and stranger things have—it is my understanding that the PTO would remain… Continue reading A Few Matters

Bad Bills

Bad Bills Click here for the Bad Bills Flier on pending legislation that will negatively impact federal employee pay, retirement, jobs and more. Needless to say, NTEU’s legislative department is working hard to prevent passage of these bills.  You can help by visiting NTEU’s Legislative Action Center. Transit Subsidy Also, NTEU National’s communications department is… Continue reading Bad Bills

Federal employee unions look to improve image of workforce

  WASHINGTON —Howard Friedman has heard the chatter from his own community to Capitol Hill — sometimes questions, sometimes complaints about the federal workforce, its size and its cost.   The Gaithersburg man, an attorney and union leader at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, wants to change the conversation.   “We’ve been criticized far… Continue reading Federal employee unions look to improve image of workforce